A little girl in a dark Japanese forest, 2008


A little girl in a dark Japanese forest (2008) is a documentation of a performance made several years ago in Japan. We see photos of a female showing pieces of paper with single words, written on them, to a public gathered behind the glass of a big window. The words do not compose into a logical meaning. They are pieces of the whole taken out of context. The viewer is concentrated on a girl contrasting with the rich greenery but there is no meaning behind it. The viewer avid for “hard facts” will get disappointed. Klimczak gradually builds up the tension, guides us through the next levels of the mystery hidden in the Japanese house, only to leave the spectator without an answer. Who is the person between the trees? What is she trying to tell us? Anna Klimczak builds a chinese box story that can never reach its end. Like in the Baudrillard’s Seduction, she tempts and makes promises but does not keep any of them.

excerpt from: Michał Suchora, Grafis; XX1 Gallery, Warsaw 2012; more: http://bit.ly/1HDkdRz


translation: Karen Sayce