The term Akwarelistka (Water-colourist) as a form of artistic activity evokes an aura of long journeys with sketchbook in hand, white pages at the ready to be filled with notes and harmonies of delicate colours, painted sensitively, with feeling. Anna Klimczak swaps the paintbrush for a camera and puts her watercolour album on view electronically. She fills the screen with scores of rapid-fire pictures shown at two-second intervals, just long enough for the eye to be able to register them, but not enough to become familiar with single frames. The artist has transformed the image of a landscape into a moving notepad transcribed as a time sequence which enables the precise recognition of details.  The simplicity of the subject matter and the way it is presented appeal to the viewer’s imagination; everyone can find their own motif relevant to their own lives (…).

excerpt from: Areas of subjective reception – remarks en passant, Anna Maria Leśniewska; Czas Kultury, Nr 2 (143) 2008