• I am pleased to announce that I am a member of the scientific committee of the Global Fashion Conference 2021

  • Curator of the Joanna Concejo exhibition, this is one of the first initiatives of this type I have carried out. I have been associated with the artist for over thirty years. We went to the same high school, and then studied together at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. After Concejo emigrated to France, we kept in contact with each other by exchanging highly personal letters. The idea for the curator's text in the form of such came about following a long-time exchange of thoughts. The exhibition is organised as part of the Mount Literature 2021 Festival


    Dearest Asia,

    I’m doing a residence at BWA Sokołowsko. The flat’s nice. Spacious. The rooms are perfect for showing works. Even a glass-fronted sideboard has turned out to be great for displaying a few small drawings. Read more.

  • Anna Klimczak 'Self-portrait of the artist. Personal reflections on the creative process' 

    The text was published as part of the Digital Projects published by the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw. The material accompanies the exhibition "Portret zamaskowany" ("Retrato enmascarado") and is a statement on the archival performance action "Maska" from 1995. In the text I describe the creative process and look at the etymology of the word: mask. I also quote fragments of a critical text. Finally, I discuss the meaning of image in the contemporary world.

  • Cervantes Institute in Warsaw 10.07 - 05.09.2021, opening hours: Monday - Friday: from 12pm to 8pm

    The exhibition 'Masked Portrait' ('Retrato enmascarado') is realised by the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw. It is a statement of five artists on the subject of portrait and mask. The exhibition was inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso. Anna Klimczak's work is a three-channel projection with sound. The multimedia statement is based on the documentation of Anna Klimczak's performance from 1995. The show was realized in such a way as to refer to the presentation of slides from an overhead projector and at the same time to suggest a time-lapse film. The intention was to emphasise the archival nature of the work.

    Cooperation in project development: Tomasz Miśkiewicz, Jerzy Klimczak, Jędrzej Sokołowski, Jarosław Barański, Agnieszka Kalinowska, PJATK, Instytut Cervantesa in Warsaw, curator Agnieszka Rożnowska

  • When an old concept comes full circle, in other words, the shock of the real. (article, creative projects)

    The article presents a collection of the author’s archival works, the meaning of which has become relevant in the face of socio-political changes in Poland. Critical artistic considerations related to national identity or relations between the state and the church are also discussed. The artist’s attitude towards political discussion and a closer look at the creative processes is also examined. Cultural projects and selected artistic works are identified, and grassroots social activities with the participation of artists are described. The ongoing media discussion and social mood is outlined. Included is a visual (photographic) presentation commenting on the issues highlighted, with particular emphasis on the artistic works of the author.

    Keywords: committed art; political art; art and discussion; protest art; activist art.