The tunnel, however, is not only ominous and frightening

This time it also seems reassuringly familiar.

These are the advantages of doing something for the second time.

The tunnel is like home.

Susan Sontag Death Kit

In art, can something that is enclosed by a wall become a safe home?

Anna Klimczak’s Blocking, with its dual meaning, is a laborious repetition of attempts to challenge an unidentified force of resistance which hinders free action by means of individual artistic expression and presents theses in the domain of art. The work shown at the ON Gallery is of an auto-analytical nature in relation to the creative process in general. Anna Klimczak explores the tensions arising against the creative process which are the outcome of the limits emerging. Blocking relates to a wide range of aspects associated with the artist, which may be the problem of defining art, stating its social and institutional function, which gives rise to a large number of difficult questions regarding perception, but also of defining the artist’s role.  A powerful mass of doubt in the question about art and life activates codes in Anna Klimczak’s work which serve to deactivate the blockades and paradigms, but on the other hand leads to the gradual construction of new structures made from the reworked “raw materials”. Leaving her individual reflections and experiences, Anna Klimczak then examines those of artists, uncovering the interiors of the creative act. The process of creation may be interpreted here as a constant gauging of oneself, in the first place from the internal need for statement in connection with art, and in the second from the need for active participation in post-modern culture. The interlaced structures of Blocking thus become an existential segment for travelling through in the search for individual questions and perhaps also answers.   The surrounding space of the production can become a metaphor for the entrance into the starting phase of the concept – laborious, ponderous and suffocating. The overwhelming fragment of the sketch attempts to reduce us to such an extent that we feel tiny in comparison to the thick lead line, the tunnel.  

Agnieszka Okrzeja, Poznań 2007