RE: RZESZÓW FESTIVAL, Amazing multimedia projects and great music

curator of the festival exhibition: Anna Klimczak, artists: Emilia Ishizaka, Tomasz Miśkiewicz, Bartosz Wyszyński

RE: RZESZÓW FESTIVAL, the newest summer festival on the map of Poland, will take place on 20-21 August in one of the most beautiful places in Rzeszów. It is an event full of energy, positive emotions and inspiration, because during the August weekend, Rzeszów’s Wisłok River Boulevards will not only be filled with the music of today’s biggest pop, alternative, hip-hop, rock and electronica stars, but will also be lit up by the magical Park of Lights Gazeta Wyborcza, 20.07.2022

Emilia Ishizaka '‘Noppera-bō’, interactive installation, 2022

The projects to be presented at the RE: RZESZÓW FESTIVAL in August were prepared by graduates of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The multimedia installations created by them are both good, interactive fun and a dark world of artistic fantasies. At the Rzeszów festival, visitors will be able to see if they are a real 'tough guy’, look through Snapchat-inspired filters on their faces or experience a painting process in which light is the painting material. All works were created at the Faculty of New Media Art in Warsaw. It is a unique place where education in the field of visual arts is combined with programming knowledge, points out Ewa Satalecka, Dean of the Faculty of SNM PJATK. Creative activities based on real-time data processing systems and interdisciplinary experiments are permanently included in the programme of the Multimedia Workshop, which is run, together with a team of specialists, by Anna Klimczak, visual artist and curator of the presented exhibition. The RE: RZESZÓW FESTIVAL will feature works from this unique laboratory. We will see projects by graduates and multimedia artists who teach students the languages of new technologies Gazeta Wyborcza, 20.07.2022

main stage RE: Rzeszów festival, Szczyl concert, Frank Leen accompaniment

Among other things, the light-isolated cubicles will show Emilia Ishizaki’s virtual portraits entitled 'Noppera-bō’ (2022), which the author has placed in frames flooded with organic matter. The name is a term for a mythological Japanese faceless demon. Viewers entering the installation area are observed from a hidden camera, and their images are transformed into masks – uncomfortable and unreal. The installation is a pretext to reflect on the notion of identity.
Emilia Ishizaka creates by orbiting around illustration and cartoon animation. She is inspired by the unsaid and aesthetically draws on her origins, namely Japanese culture. The artist works in areas such as motion design, 3D and generative graphics Gazeta Wyborcza, 20.07.2022

RE: Rzeszów Festival, general view

The Rzeszów open-air event will also offer a glimpse into a virtual artist’s studio. Tomasz Miśkiewicz, who creates large-format visual shows on a daily basis and is a regular at international programming conferences, invites you to a show entitled. 'diBrush’ (2022). The multimedia installation is inspired by 'street art’. The project uses specially designed brushes in which the paint is replaced by light that is invisible to the viewer. The real brush and the virtual paint allow the viewer to experience street art techniques in a surprising 'real-virtual’ form Gazeta Wyborcza, 20.07.2022