• Cervantes Institute in Warsaw 10.07 - 05.09.2021, opening hours: Monday - Friday: from 12pm to 8pm

    The exhibition 'Masked Portrait' ('Retrato enmascarado') is realised by the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw. It is a statement of five artists on the subject of portrait and mask. The exhibition was inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso. Anna Klimczak's work is a three-channel projection with sound. The multimedia statement is based on the documentation of Anna Klimczak's performance from 1995. The show was realized in such a way as to refer to the presentation of slides from an overhead projector and at the same time to suggest a time-lapse film. The intention was to emphasise the archival nature of the work.

    Cooperation in project development: Tomasz Miśkiewicz, Jerzy Klimczak, Jędrzej Sokołowski, Jarosław Barański, Agnieszka Kalinowska, PJATK, Instytut Cervantesa in Warsaw, curator Agnieszka Rożnowska